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Game Design

GameDesign Videos:

A Familiar Fairytale: Dyslexic text Based Adventure Trailer

This game was created to help other feel the frustration of having dyslexia. You play as a small fox a fairytale story with Kings, Queens and witches. We don't claim to be actually like what a dyslexic persons sees, but meerly a simulation of the frustration. Coming soon.

Peaks Baord Game

Here is the rules video for the board game peaks. A stylish game of skill and luck for 2 players.

Harker Vampire Hunter: Uni Group Project (Art Lead and CharacterArtist)

This video shows the work i did for 3rd year group project where teams are given briefs from clients and have to make games together. I was lead artist and character artist, this is what I produced. I also made a visual style guide and pipeline to help everyone get the assets into the engine as hassle free as possible.


Game Jam Videos:

Go Away Mr Bear: Scottish Game Jam Dundee (Best Art Winner)

We enterd as a team of 4, and made this game in 2 days at Abertay.
I did all the 3d work.
Here is the link to the global game jam post:

You Are the Dragon: Ludum Dare 25 (2nd Prize of Graphics)

Ludum dare is an online, 48 hour game jam whitch hapens a couple times
a year. I enterd this on my own using the blender game engine and won second prize for graphics.
link to ludum post(download):